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  • Check-in 14.00 check-out 12.00, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Reception at the guesthouse is by booking.  
  • Services can be paid for in cash on-site, by bank transfer or by card (VISA etc.).
  • According to Estonian law, all guests must fill in a visitor’s card.
  • The Customer follows the laws of the Republic of Estonia, orders of the staff and, if necessary, precepts of Police and Border Guard Board officials on the territory of the Ristna Guesthouse and the Harbor.
  • The Customer/representative is obliged to introduce the accommodation policy of the Guesthouse to all participants.
  • The Customer is also responsible for the actions of all the people accompanying them. If any of the people in the company cause damage to the Guesthouse or the Port, the Customer is responsible for it.
  • The Customer/representative is responsible for compliance with the measures and restrictions (Covid-19) established by the Government of the Republic.
  • Night-time is from 23.00 on weekdays and from 24.00 on Fridays and Saturdays, unless otherwise agreed.
  • If you leave, please bring the room key and the door card to the reception desk!
  • Companies are asked to send a letter of guarantee in advance if they wish to pay by invoice.
  • If you want to use fireworks at the event, the time and location must be agreed with the staff in advance.
  • Fireworks should be fired before 22.00 on weekdays and before 24.00 on Fridays and Saturdays. To organise firing of fireworks with class III and IV pyrotechnic products (medium and large fireworks), a permit from the Rural Municipality Administration must be obtained. Red fireworks are forbidden!
  • Catering only upon reservation.
  • In the case of catering prepared by the Customer or ordered directly by the Customer, the Customer organises the follow-up cleaning related to catering and is responsible for the handling of generated food waste.
  • Receiving a price quote does not mean confirming the booking.
  • The booking is confirmed after the receipt of the booking fee and the signing of the letter of guarantee by the representative of the Customer.
  • The remaining amount (according to the offer) must be paid the latest before arrival.
  • If the booking is cancelled by the Customer, the booking fee will NOT be refunded.
  • The Customer/representative is responsible for the volume of the music throughout the event. It is forbidden to play music outside after 22.00 and until 6.00 on weekdays and after 24.00 and until 7.00 on Fridays and Saturdays, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Rental time of the sauna complex by agreement.
  • When using the dishwasher, please follow the instructions for use. If the machine becomes clogged, the repair of the machine will be paid for by the person who caused the blockage.
  • When you leave, the rented premises must be handed over in the same condition as they were handed over to you for use. If there is a need to move the furniture (chairs, tables, etc.), the furniture must be returned to as it was at the time of check-in by the time of the check-out. Any additional decorations that are hung or otherwise installed in the guesthouse must be removed before departure. Removed and/or relocated guesthouse items must be placed in the same location prior to departure.
  • All utensils used in the kitchenettes must be washed and placed in the same place as when they were when the person arrived in the room.
  • An event getting out of control, vandalism, disobedience and other such activities provide the Guesthouse the right to end the event immediately without refunding the fee!


  • to have pets on the second floor of the Guesthouse
  • to use an open flame, incl. CANDLES, paper/Chinese lanterns, etc. in the party hall, rooms, throughout the territory without prior agreement
  • to consume alcoholic beverages and/or food brought along in the party hall of the house, unless permission has been granted by the Guesthouse
  • to smoke in a place not intended for that purpose, indoors, on balconies, on terraces; it is also not allowed to throw cigarette butts on the ground on the territory of the ports
  • leaving rubbish on the ground and polluting the territory
  • strictly prohibited to throw in the toilet hygiene bandages, diapers, paper towels and other debris, we use a bio-cleaner!
  • to damage, destroy or violate the property of the Guesthouse and the Port
  • to listen to music in a way that disturbs other guests and neighbours
  • the use of the included electrical and electronic equipment (e.g. refrigerators and other household appliances, sound equipment, smoke machines, lighting, etc.) is prohibited without prior agreement
  • swimming and fishing in the water area of the Port, unless permission has been granted by the Guesthouse
  • In case of intentional destruction, theft, destruction, damage or other improper behaviour relating to the property of the Guesthouse and the Port (equipment, furniture, bed linen, tableware, tablecloths, etc.), the value of the Guesthouse property given to the customer must be compensated, minimum €50. An event getting out of control, vandalism, disobedience and other such activities provide the Guesthouse the right to end the event immediately without refunding the fee.
  • If the visitor does not adhere to the rules of the accommodation policy, a fine of €300 will be added to the bill.
  • Smoking indoors is strictly forbidden! Violation of the rule and activation of the automatic fire protection system will result in a fine of €300.
  • If the key to a room of the Guesthouse is lost, a fine of €50 will apply.
  • If vomiting has occurred in the indoor rooms of the Guesthouse (WC, shower, room, etc.) or on the terraces, a fine of €50 is applied.
  • If a blockage is caused in the toilets of the Guesthouse, a fine will be set according to the situation and the amount spent to call the technician to eliminate the blockage, but the fine is not less than €100.
  • If the dishwasher becomes clogged, a fine of €100 will apply.

Thank you for your understanding!
Enjoy your holiday!